“Carrie, I am so thankful to have you as my typist. I appreciate how quickly you catch on to all of the special requests that i have of you in doing your work. The work that you produce makes my part of the job easy. I can send it out to the attorneys without having to go back and proof read it, which saves me a lot of time. I wish that all of my typists did as good of a job as you’re doing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
– Sharon

“The deposition looks great, Carrie. Thank you. I will call you again when I need more help.”
– Joy

“Carrie, thank you. You make my day a lot easier. Because of you I don’t have to do a final edit.”
– Judith

“Carrie, thank you. You do excellent work with a quick turnaround.”
– Chancey

“I am so glad you are still available. You always get my work sent back to me quickly and so well edited. Thank you.”
– Rosemary

“Carrie has always done excellent transcribing work for me — super-fast turnaround, accurate, and reasonably priced. As an independent documentary maker I am sometimes on the fence about whether I can afford to have transcribing done. Carrie makes it worth it every time. Plus she’s really nice to work with.”

– Matt

“Carrie, Over the years you’ve rescued us so many times with lightning turn around and spot-on formatting and flawless texts that you must have saved our projects months of production time. Thank you”.

– Scott