Audio Transcription: Rate Per Page (A page consists of 350 words or less)   Turnaround time                                          Per page Next Day Service                                                  $12.00 3 days                                                                      $10.00 7 days                                                                      $7.00 14 days                                                                    $5.00   Add .25 for:

  • 4 or more speakers
  • Any audio with significant noise in the background.
  • Poor recording, soft voices, thick accents, echo reverb, etc…
  • Scientific terminology
  • Medical terminology
  • Panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, seminars.

Editing Rates My rates are in balance to my education, experience and skills. I base them from the Writer’s Market average freelance hourly or per page calculator.  In most cases I will be able to edit about 10 pages per hour. I follow the rules of American English and British English. Structure Editing

  • Restructure content to attain consistent organization of ideas & comprehensible structure
  • Adjust content, including lessening or increasing to accomplish the length necessity
  • Text formatting, spacing and neatness adjustments
  • Delete repetition or improve and compliment transitional signals


  • Ensure there are no typographical errors remaining
  • See that nothing relevant has been omitted
  • Ensure esthetic issues are resolved (for ex., clean up any accidental typos or words broken up at the end of a column or page)
  • Catch grammatical errors or inconsistency in style

RATE: $4.00 per page or $35 per hour. Content Editing

  • Look for issues related to pacing, sentence structure & readability, theme & overall effectiveness of the story or document
  • Correct any error in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling & font formatting
  • Determine the needs of any reference and citation to avoid plagiarism
  • Look for any potential legal problems and discuss them with the author or publisher upon author’s request
  • Check the relation between title & content, suggest modifications to title if needed
  • Confirm the correct usage of quotations
  • Confirm the correct usage of particular nouns, names of place, person, object, etc.
  • Assure consistency in spelling, capitalization and style throughout document/ manuscript
  • Clean up word repetition by rewording when appropriate and without losing effect
  • Assure text is well written and logically structured
  • Check facts and raise queries with the author where needed
  • Check that illustrations and captions are correct

Copy Editing

  • Certify that writing adheres to conventions of grammar
  • Confirm that wording is precise and consistent
  • Confirm that punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed
  • Suggest or do appropriate reorganization
  • Recommend changes to titles or subheadings
  • Call attention to lapses in logic or sequential slip’s
  • Confirms that all proper nouns are capitalized consistently
  • Improve style, maintaining its fluidity and consistency

Line Editing

  • Check language related techniques, word choice, paragraph structure, sentence flow, and language-related techniques
  • Check voice, style, readability,
  • In fiction, check the difference between scenes and clarification
  • Eliminate cliché (words that are wasted/phrases that are overused)
  • Eliminate unnecessary modifiers (words that lessen the impact of your prose)
  • Eliminate repeated words and phrases

RATES: $5.50 regular rate add .50¢ for highly technical (where I may need to research more often) Or $45 per hour.