Carrie Garrison

Good communication is important to me and will be given to you throughout our working relationship, letting you know where I am with your works.  Also, if you prefer lighter copy editing (with a faster turnaround) that will have less re-structuring, less re-working of your text, and only light corrections to flow, then we can discuss price variation. I usually type verbatim, but if you want summarization I am able to do this as well.

I assure you for over twelve years as an editor, transcriptionist, and content writer it is my objective and my pleasure to pay uncompromising and meticulous attention to detail in written expression. I will take on editing as well as your transcription work with the utmost care, treating it as though it is my own writing works that are to be placed in the public’s eye. You have my word, your work is in accomplished hands and will be done in a professional manner.

I follow the rules of American English and British English. I will format in MLA or APA as your needs require. I will proofread your work in the event that I have also been the one to edit it. I will then reread through the full documentation/ manuscript etc., and proofread applying appropriate rates. I am willing, for an additional cost, to compile an extensive, significant in length, report, or style sheet noting proper nouns used in the texts so that you may utilize this for your glossary.

With my experience in historical interviews, environmental preservation documentation, legal cases ranging from court proceedings involving criminal and civil cases, to attorney-client depositions, inner-city support groups, animal protection rights, and city council meetings to name a few, I know I am able to meet your transcription needs in a timely manner, with accurate and friendly service. I pay close attention to punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

I am approaching my eighth year in professional transcription and editing. I enjoy the many facets of the written and spoken word and will continue to expand my skills by providing clients personalized professional transcription and editing services for years to come.

I look forward to working with you.

Carrie Garrison

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