Audio Transcription:

Rate Per Page (A page consists of 350 words or less)

Turnaround time                                          Per Page

Next Day Service                                                    $12.00

3 days                                                                       $10.00

7 days                                                                       $7.00

14 days                                                                     $5.00

Add .50 for:

  • Four or more speakers
  • Any audio with significant background noise.
  • Poor recording, soft voices, thick accents, echo reverb, etc.
  • Scientific terminology
  • Medical terminology
  • Panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, seminars.

Standard turnover time is 2-7 business days depending on length of deposition, trial, interviews, etc…

Editing Rates & Description of Edits

My rates are in balance to my education, experience and skills. I base them from the Writer’s Market average freelance hourly or per page calculator. I follow the rules of American English and British English. I will format in MLA or APA as your needs require. I will proofread your work in the event that I have also been the one to edit it. I will then reread through the full documentation/ manuscript etc., and proofread applying appropriate rates. I am willing, for additional cost, to compile an extensive, significant in length, report, or style sheet noting proper nouns used in the texts so that you may utilize this for your glossary.

In most cases I will be able to edit about 10 pages per hour.

Structure Editing

  • Restructure content to attain consistent organization of ideas & comprehensible structure
  • Adjust content, including lessening or increasing to accomplish the length necessity
  • Text formatting, spacing and neatness adjustments
  • Delete repetition or improve and compliment transitional signals


  • Ensure there are no typographical errors remaining
  • See that nothing relevant has been omitted
  • Ensure esthetic issues are resolved (for ex., clean up any accidental typos or words broken up at the end of a column or page)
  • Catch grammatical errors or inconsistency in style

RATE: $4.00 per page or $35 per hour.

Content Editing

  • Look for issues related to pacing, sentence structure & readability, theme & overall effectiveness of the story or document
  • Correct any error in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling & font formatting
  • Determine the needs of any reference and citation to avoid plagiarism
  • Look for any potential legal problems and discuss them with the author or publisher upon author’s request
  • Check the relation between title & content, suggest modifications to title if needed
  • Confirm the correct usage of quotations
  • Confirm the correct usage of particular nouns, names of place, person, object, etc.
  • Assure consistency in spelling, capitalization and style throughout document/ manuscript
  • Clean up word repetition by rewording when appropriate and without losing effect
  • Assure text is well written and logically structured
  • Check facts and raise queries with the author where needed
  • Check that illustrations and captions are correct

Copy Editing

  • Certify that writing adheres to conventions of grammar
  • Confirm that wording is precise and consistent
  • Confirm that punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed
  • Suggest or do appropriate reorganization
  • Recommend changes to titles or subheadings
  • Call attention to lapses in logic or sequential slip’s
  • Confirms that all proper nouns are capitalized consistently
  • Improve style, maintaining its fluidity and consistency

Line Editing

  • Check language related techniques, word choice, paragraph structure, sentence flow, and language-related techniques
  • Check voice, style, readability,
  • In fiction, check the difference between scenes and clarification
  • Eliminate cliché (words that are wasted/phrases that are overused)
  • Eliminate unnecessary modifiers (words that lessen the impact of your prose)
  • Eliminate repeated words and phrases

RATES: $5.50 regular rate add .50¢ for highly technical (where I may need to research more often)

Or $45 per hour. (* Rates are subject to change without notice).