Garrison Transcription and Editing Prices

My transcription rates are calculated on a per minute basis of your recorded audio. If you would like me to add time stamps, let me know how often and whereabout in detail.

The types of recording and the effort involved are factors which evaluate the price of transcription. All work is done double spaced with one inch margins unless otherwise directed.

My rates to convert images to text are $8.00 per page with editing.

My rates for editing are $4.50 per page, add .50 for highly technical (where I may need to research more often), or $35.00 per hour.


Transcription Rates per min:

$1.00/min for 1 speaker

$1.50/min for 2 speakers

$1.75/min for 3 speakers

$2.00/min for 4 speakers

$2.50 /min for 5 or more speakers

Additional charges:

•  Time Stamps – additional .25/min
•  Technical Terminology – additional .25/min
•  Special Formatting – additional .25/min
•  Extensive Research – additional .50/min
•  Realtime Grammar Corrections – additional .70/min


Audio quality:
The quality of your audio recording will have a direct impact on the transcription services rate.

This is how I categorized audio quality:


Category 1 – Ideal –  (no additional charge)

• Broadcast quality recordings
• Neutral accent
• No background noise
• No time coding or Time stamping
• One to One Interview/Speech/Lectures/Oral History/Web Conferences
• Professionally recorded audio
• Standard turnaround time

Category 2 – Challenging – (additional .25/min)

• Background noise
• Client specific formatting
• Group discussions
• Low quality digital files
• Multiple speakers
• Outdoor recording
• Poor recording quality due to inferior equipment
• Speakers using English as a second language
• Standard time stamping or time coding
• Subjective Transcription
• Technical subject matter
• Telephone recordings

Category 3 – Difficult – (additional .45/min) 

• Defective Recordings
• Heavy accent
• Heavy background noise that interferes with the speech
• Multiple speakers with voice overlaps
• Special formatting requirements or specifications
• Excessive audible artifacts



Payment Terms and Conditions:

• I accept company checks made payable to Carrie Garrison, and all major credit cards utilizing PayPal,
• Additional charges will apply for transcriptions done during holidays.
• Click here for Terms & Conditions.


I am here to provide you with solutions for your specific transcription and editing requirements.
Please give me a call Monday – Friday during normal business hours at my toll-free number: 541.544.9441 or Contact Me.